Frequently Asked Questions

In what trailer/truck will my horse be transported?

It all depends on the commodities you want your horse to travel in, its gender, and place or country of destination. Cavaletti simply provides different options and solutions to your travel plans.

What is required for my horse to travel?

A coggins examination (max 6 months validity) and its medical review (passport). Depending on the state or country the horse is traveling, other restrictions may apply.

Is my horse given food and water during the trip?

It is very important that all horses have a comfortable and stress- free ride. The people responsible of the transportation always give them hay and water while in the trailer. If the horse has to stay in quarantine or has a planned layover, the client is then in charge of providing the hay and food. It is also advisable that every horse brings its own buckets. If the costumer desires, Cavaletti can provide the food and buckets for an additional cost.

Will somebody other that the driver take care of my horse?

Cavaletti recommends that all horses travel with somebody who knows them and understands their particular needs. When traveling by land the drivers will provide hay and water. When traveling by air, and air flight attendant will be assigned. While completing quarantine a groom will make sure that all horses are fed, watered, and stalls are clean.

When would I have to pay Cavaletti for its service?

Once the client decides to work with Cavaletti a deposit of 50% of the total cost must be done. This will assure the client its reservation and priority. The other 50% must be payed five business days prior to the date the trip or services will begin. If trip were to be canceled after the first payment, the client will only be reimbursed part of the money. If it were to be canceled after the second payment, the money will not be reimbursed. The client must be aware that after a reservation is confirmed Cavaletti has to pay third parties that contribute to the logistic of its services.

Which methods of payment are available?

Direct Deposit / Wire Transfer and Visa / Mastercard.

Could there be additional fees after paying the quota?

Cavaletti tries to give you the exact amount that will be spent when establishing your trip or services needed. Though it is very important that the client is aware that there are many factors that Cavaletti cannot control: unexpected bad weather, roads closed, exportation and importation issues. All which could cause additional charges.

I don’t like quarantine facilities, is there any other place my horse could stay?

Horses can only complete quarantine on authorized facilities, Cavaletti has actually installed high standard stalls on quarantine grounds to assure the safety and well being of all animals. Cavaletti will never allow a horse or other animal to complete quarantine on facilities that are not structured for their safety and well being.

Does Cavaletti provide insurance?

Cavalleti does not provide insurance, if desired the customer must obtain it through their insurance agent. Though Cavaletti does not require that the horse is insured, the company will not be responsible for any acts caused by the horse to itself or to others, and of the loss or damage of the animal from any condition that originates from itself, or its nature.

If needed, can Cavaletti provide me a veterinarian?

Cavaletti will always maintain contact with the person responsible of the horse. If an emergency were to occur, this person will be notified and a veterinarian will assist. Cavaletti provides veterinarians on basically all frequent traveled routes.

Can Cavaletti travel and organize trips for other animals?

Yes, trips for all types of animals can be arranged.